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Send SMS With WooCommerce

From SMS Marketing, to SMS Campaigns, to automated SMS and more, we make sales a breeze.

Designed to help you sell more to customers

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SMS Notifications

In minutes, you can start sending SMS Notifications after customers and vendors have interacted with your store.
If you need recurring SMS Notifications or additional SMS features, we’ve got you covered.

Bulk SMS Campaign

Easily create a Bulk SMS Campaign to encourage customers to buy more. Bulk SMS Campaign setup can be sent
to customers who bought from a country, who use a specific payment gateway, who bought for a minimum amount, and more.

Automated Bulk SMS Campaign

Easily create Automated Bulk SMS Campaign to deliver special messages straight to your customer’s mobiles phones.
Automated Bulk SMS Campaign can be set up to be sent during a period or periodically a year.

Best SMS Delivering Solutions

Delivers SMS using the best solutions on the market, proposing affordable prices. The solutions used in the plugin are :
Twilio, Telesign, Message Bird, Nexmo, WhatsApp, Kivalo Solutions, and more.

Developer Ready

Developers and external applications can take advantage of the plugin documentation and provides extra features to the plugin.

SMS as WhatsApp

Send SMS messages as WhatsApp messages.
It works with the included SMS features.

Start sending SMS with WooCommerce today.

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