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Send valuable information, coupons, promotions by mobile notifications using SMS or WhatsApp.

What it is Ultimate SMS & WhatsApp Notifications for WooCommerce ?

Ultimate SMS & WhatsApp Notifications for WooCommerce allows the store admin to send various order notifications to customers via SMS and WhatsApp messaging platform. The store owner can set up the plugin in just 5 minutes. It allows sending messages for New Order, Pending Payment, On-Hold, Order Processing, Order Completed, Order Cancelled, Payment Refund, and Payment Failure.


Discover the main features of Ultimate SMS & WhatsApp Notifications plugin.

Orders Notifications

Send SMS & WhatsApp Orders Notifications to your customers easily.

Account Notifications

Welcome new user registering on your website by SMS or WhatsApp Notifications

How it works ?

  1. Integrate Ultimate SMS & WhatsApp Notifications for WooCommerce on your store
  2. Get your SMS & WhatsApp Gateways credentials keys from platforms
  3. Define your template message for sending easily different mobile notifications
  4. Start messaging

What our customers are saying about us ?

“Easy to use, On a good way to be the ultimate.”


“Perfect Twilio Integration”


“Very nice & easy to use a plugin. very supportive team help you anytime.
Add this plugin in Your Site & get v nice experience plus this is very lost plugin n we can carry forward our SMS so get this plugin”


“Actually really useful. We just neeeded feature to send bulk sms to our past customers. We have different plugin for sending notifications about status change so we did not try this feature. But for bulk messages, it’s very useful! Also, customer support is excellent, helped so much in a little time!! Really recommend.”


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