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2 mecanisms for sending SMS & WhatsApp orders notifications in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a leading solution for creating online stores, second only to Shopify. It stands on its own and on top of the WordPress CMS, which powers most of the websites on the internet. With the boom of dropshipping, the entrepreneurial spirit is motivating people from various countries to consider starting ecommerce websites to sell online and become independent.

In WooCommerce by default, after each sale, you are notified by email about new orders. But what if you could be notified by SMS or WhatsApp, or instantly inform your customers after a new order and more?

1- How to install a WordPress plugin ( in our case Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce ) ?

To achieve this, we need to install and configure a WooCommerce plugin named “Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce” This free plugin allows you to set up various types of notifications. Today, we will see how to configure the plugin to send SMS and WhatsApp notifications to your phone number after a new order has been made on your store.

To get started, we will install the plugin on our WordPress website. If you don’t know how to install a plugin, consider following these instructions.

2- How to configure SMS & WhatsApp orders notifications in WooCommerce ?

Once installed, your first step should be configuring your gateway to send SMS and WhatsApp messages. A gateway is a third-party service that connects these platforms, enabling you to send messages to mobile devices.

After configuring the gateway, access the WooCommerce notifications submenu. Here, you’ll find various options for customization.

We will look for this particular setting: “Send a message after a customer purchase.” This setting allows you to send notifications to customers after they place a new order on the store. By providing a custom message, the plugin will retrieve the customer’s phone number from their order on the checkout page and automatically send them a notification alongside their email order notifications.

woocommerce orders notifications whatsapp
woocommerce orders notifications whatsapp

3- How shop owners can receive SMS & WhatsApp orders notifications from a WooCommerce store ?

If you wish to be notified of any new orders made through your store, we have you covered with this additional option. You’ll need to provide your phone number, including the country code, in the designated field. The setting is “Send a message to the store owner/manager when a customer has placed an order.

4- More options

With these options, you should be alerted automatically on your mobile phone if any purchase has been made on your store. With this mechanism in place, rest assured that your store’s growth, which is your priority, will be closely monitored and managed efficiently. The plugin offers order notifications in both the free and pro versions. With the pro version, you can access real-time logs and more detailed information about your order notifications. If you’re considering upgrading to the pro version, follow the link below to get it.

Join smart business owners using Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce PRO today.

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